Temporary Apartment Rentals For Tourists: 3 Ways To Create An Individualized Experience

3 May 2016
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Many tourists are opting to temporary rent apartments rather than booking hotels or motels due to the price differences and the better and more personalized quality of services obtainable from renting apartments. Similarly, putting up your apartment for rent temporarily can also be rather profitable for you as well. As you will be renting out your apartment for short periods of time only, you need to make your apartment stand out by offering a personalized and individualized experience to your renters. Here's 3 ways you can start.

Stock Up on Toiletries

There's a good chance that your renters will not have packed toiletries, like toilet paper or cotton swabs, with them. By the time that they realize that they're missing these products, nearby stores may have already closed down for the day. Stocking up on essential toiletries will make their life easier, and will not be very costly to you. Make sure to have toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and conditioner available.

If you want to be fancy, you can even offer a variety of different options for your renters to choose from. For example, you should stock up on sample sizes of different flavors of mouthwash.

Provide Refreshments and Snacks

After a long trip or journey to the apartment, there's a good chance that your renters are hungry and tired. You'll definitely make an impression if you have several snacks or refreshments available for your renters upon their arrival. Stock up on bottled water, soda and snacks like chips. You might want to contact your renters ahead of time in order to see whether they have any preferences.

Offer a Way for Renters to Contact You Easily

There's nothing better for your renters than being able to contact you as soon as possible should any problems arise. When renting out your apartment, you want to make sure that you make yourself available for your renters. Consider giving them a work email or even a private cell line to call should they need anything. In particular, you want to make sure that you help your renters settle in for their trip.


Personalizing your renter's experience can help your apartment stand out from the crowd. As a landlord, make sure that your renters feel comfortable at all times. You'll be surprised at how quickly word will spread on the positive experiences that others have had at your place. Before long, your apartment will be fully booked at all times. 

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