Dog Grooming You Can Do At Home

11 May 2016
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Your furry baby wants to be taken care of and pampered just like you probably like to be pampered. Most of your dog's grooming can be done yourself at home with just a few grooming tools that can be found at your local pet store. See below for helpful tips and instructions on how to groom your dog at home.


The type of brush you use on your dog will depend on your dog's fur type. For longer, thicker hair dogs (such as golden retrievers and shepherds), you may need to use a special brush to help thin out your dog's undercoat. For dog's with a shorter coat (such as boxers or Great Danes), you can use a grooming mitt to help get rid of excess fur. Brushing and combing should be done on a daily basis, or at the very least once every week. You'll notice your dog shedding more with the change of the seasons, which is when you should definitely try to brush every day. It will help decrease the amount of fur balls around your home, as well as keep your dog from itching and smelling.

Teeth Cleaning

Yes, your dog's teeth should be cleaned just like you clean your teeth, but your dog needs a special toothpaste. You should never use products made for humans on your dog. Look at your local pet store for toothpaste for your dog, as well as a toothbrush or finger toothbrush made for dogs. When beginning to brush your dog's teeth, begin slowly, as your dog may not like the idea at first. Begin with your dog's front teeth, then if he allows you, work your way to his back teeth. You should brush your dog's teeth every week. Also look for treats and toys that help prevent tooth decay in your dog.


Bath time should be a monthly routine to keep your dog smelling great, and helps to remove dirt and dandruff. Baths can also get rid of dust mites in your dog's fur, as well as any fleas (if your dog has them). There are a number of dog shampoos on the market, so look for shampoo that matches your dog's hair type. If your dog has dry skin, look for a shampoo with oatmeal, or if he has fleas, look for a flea shampoo.

Nail Clipping

You should clip your dog's nails every two months. Longer nails can be painful for your dog, so you want them to be clipped when needed. You can find nail clippers for dogs at your local pet store. Be sure not to clip them too low, as you can clip the vein, causing your dog to bleed. If you aren't sure about clipping your dog's nails, you can leave this chore to your dog groomer or your dog's veterinarian.

Hair Trimming

Longer hair dogs may require a hair cut here and there to keep their shape. Your dog's bangs, feet or entire body may need trimmed every 3-4 months. You can attempt to cut your dog's hair yourself, but to help prevent injury to your dog, or prevent a poor trim job, you may want to leave this job to a professional groomer.

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