5 Common Mistakes To Avoid At A Hotel

10 June 2022
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Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, you may be staying at a hotel. While a reputable hotel will typically do everything to ensure a comfortable stay, it's also up to you to maximize your experience. With that being said, here are a few common mistakes to avoid at a hotel.

Forgetting to Tell Hotel Staff About Specific Requirements

Some people who stay at hotels may have specific requirements, such as an extra pillow or additional shampoo. Most hotels are willing to provide these extras as long as you ask. It is important to notify hotel staff of your specific requirements when you first check in at a hotel. Otherwise, they may not be able to accommodate you.

Failing to Inform a Hotel About an Early Check-In

Sometimes people arrive at their destination before a hotel's check-in time. If you know that your plane will arrive earlier than the check-in, you should let the hotel staff know as soon as possible. This way, they may have time to make arrangements and let you in your room earlier.

Not Providing Additional Contact Information

When you check in at a hotel, the front desk person may ask you for alternative contact information, such as a second phone number or e-mail address. It is important to provide the front desk clerk with this information. If they somehow can't reach you by phone about an important matter, they will have your additional contact information.

Forgetting to Ask About Hidden Fees

It can be a bummer to find out about hidden fees at the last minute. Do not hesitate to ask the hotel staff about hidden fees, such as resort fees, a few days before your stay. This way, you can at least budget properly and not be surprised at the end.

Not Doing a Walk-Through Before Leaving Your Hotel Room

It is pretty common for hotel guests to forget certain items in their room, such as phone chargers, cosmetics, and face creams. That is why it is a wise move to do a thorough walk through your hotel room before you take off. You will be less likely to forget your belongings.

If you avoid making these common mistakes at a hotel, you can make your stay much better. If you are planning a trip, it is a good idea to book your hotel ahead of time, as rooms tend to book up pretty quickly.