Top 3 Vacation Spots For Waterfall Lovers

28 April 2016
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If you love seeing waterfalls in person, then you should arrange your vacation time to include a trip to one of the world's great waterfalls. The list below will include two locations in the United States, as well as one global destination.

Niagara Falls, New York

Niagara Falls is a group of thee large waterfalls. They are located in Ontario, Canada and also New York. The largest of the falls is called Horseshoe Falls. This waterfall is located mostly on the Canadian side. The other two falls are called American and Bridal Veil.

The town of Niagara, New York is a great place to stay. The town has an abundance of hotels, restaurants, and bars. The falls are a major tourist attraction, so the town has devoted enormous resources to providing a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

During the summer, the Canadian side of the waterfalls is illuminated at night with colorful lights. You can either drive, or walk to the Canadian side from your hotel on the New York side. This is where the town of Niagara, Ontario is located. You can get a different vantage point of the falls. During the day you can ride a boat called Maid of the Mist. This boat will take you close the falls. However, it is perfectly safe.

Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon

Havasu falls are not as large and powerful as Niagara Falls, but they are still impressive. The falls are located on Havasupai tribal land. The tribe allows visitors, however they do limit the number of permits, so the falls won't be as crowded as Niagara Falls. The falls empty out into a large pool area. Visitors are allowed to swim in the pools. The water has a high mineral content. This causes the water to have an intense blue-green color. The waterfall only drops about 100 feet, and is not so powerful that it is dangerous for people swimming in the pool.

There are picnic tables around the base of the natural pools. The closest town is called Supai. The town does have accommodations. You might also chose another hotel located near the western rim of the Grand Canyon. 

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

If you're looking to take a trip abroad, then definitely consider Victoria Falls. This is a massive waterfall located in Africa. It is considered the largest waterfall in the world. It's not the tallest, nor is it the widest, but it does have the record for the most water cascading over the edge.

You can stay in Zimbabwe at one of the hotels that cater to Western tourists. These hotels will also arrange for tours of the Zimbabwe National Park, located near the falls. The park is a great place to see some amazing wildlife, including rhinos, elephants and giraffes.You can also do fun things like bungee jumping on a bridge over the falls. 

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