Tips For Finding A Toddler-Friendly Motel While On Vacation

27 May 2017
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If you need to travel with your toddler to an ocean-side area where you have never been before, then you are likely feeling apprehensive about finding a toddler-friendly motel room. A hotel room that is accommodating for your child is essential because it will allow you to relax and get some rest without chasing around your toddler the whole time you are in your room. Thankfully, there are many hotels and motels around the country that understand how hard it is to travel with youngsters and can accommodate your family well. To this end, here are some tips for finding toddler-friendly accommodations in oceanfront rooms on vacation:

Tip: Look at Exterior Areas for Signs of Catering to Children

When you pull up in front of a potential motel, get out and walk around the property a bit. As you wander around, take a moment to check to see if there are any signs that the hotel caters to parents with small children, including a toddler swimming pool, a playground area, or even large area of grass. When you see these things, you can assume that the motel has taken the time and made the effort to supply spaces where children can expend some of their energy in safe spaces.

Tip: Check the Menu of the Motel's Restaurant

If you stop at a potential motel that has a restaurant, take a moment to check its menu and look for child-friendly foods. A restaurant that offers special fare for children is likely more used to having kids eat there and are likely to be very child-friendly.

Tip: Check the TV Channel Options in the Motel Rooms

As you are looking for a child-friendly hotel, look at the various signs you see along the road and look for a place that advertises lots of TV channel options. Motels that are child-friendly tend to offer more channels and their cable or satellite offerings will often include child-centered programming options. When you are spending time relaxing in your hotel room, you will be very appreciative of some programming that will keep your child's interest for an hour or two.

Tip: Look for a Hotel Room that Has an In-Room Refrigerator and Microwave

Finally, most toddler-friendly hotels and motels will offer rooms that contain a microwave and a refrigerator in each room. These small appliances will allow you to store some milk and child-friendly foods in your room. In addition, you will be able to cook up some basic foods that your toddler likes to eat at home, such as hot dogs and oatmeal.