Questions To Ask Yourself Before Booking A Room At An Extended-Stay Hotel

27 June 2019
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Staying at an extended-stay hotel offers a variety of benefits to guests. They're typically fully furnished, so you don't have to worry about doing any shopping for furniture yet if you're new to town. They also are often more affordable than other hotels in the same city that don't offer as many practical amenities like a half-kitchen. If you're thinking of booking a room at an extended-stay hotel, ask yourself these questions before making your reservation.

What Can You Realistically Afford?

While extended-stay hotels are often more affordable than other furnished apartments in big cities, they may not be within everyone's budget. Before looking further into whether this type of housing will be a good fit for you, establish what your budget is. Then call extended-stay hotels in the area that you're moving to and get estimated monthly rates. If you find out a place isn't within your budget, that empowers you to quickly move on without wasting a lot of time on other considerations.

What Do You Plan to Cook?

Most extended-stay hotels have rooms that provide at least a half-kitchen with everything you need to do basic cooking and reheating. They'll likely at least have a stove top, microwave, refrigerator, dishes, and basic cooking utensils. However, if you plan to do extensive baking or to cook a lot of big meals, an extended hotel is probably not the best fit. Instead, you should look into short-term rental properties in your area.

Will You Have Any Roommates?

Extended-stay hotels sometimes offer two-bedroom suites, but most available rooms will probably be studios. If you are moving with roommates, the lack of privacy in a studio can quickly create problems. If you plan on moving with a roommate to a one-room studio, set boundaries and rules in advance so you both know how to make each other comfortable.

Are You Likely to Adopt a Pet?

If you're getting a new cat or dog shortly after moving to a new town, a pet-friendly extended-stay hotel can be a safe community where you and your pet can bond while looking for the right long-term apartment or house. Many extended-stay hotels are pet-friendly. Just make sure to check the rules for the hotel you're considering.

Do You Need Maid Service?

Many extended-stay hotels include maid service as part of the rate you pay to stay there. That benefits you because you don't have to worry about creating a separate budget for cleaning to keep your place looking nice. However, if you are someone who likes to clean, this may be an unnecessary perk.

Finally, before you book a room at an extended-stay hotel, carefully weight the pros and cons of staying there. Many cities have more than one choice for extended-stay accommodations. Whether you plan to stay for a couple of days or a few months, it's worth taking the time to find just the right hotel for you.

For more information, contact an extended-stay hotel.