Add These Low-Cost Items To Your Vacation Beach House For Guests' Convenience

11 November 2020
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If you own and rent out a beach house, then, of course, you provide the basics for your guests. Towels, sheets, comfortable furniture, basic toiletries — providing these items inside the beach house really goes without saying. You may, however, want to add a few more items to the house for guests' convenience. None of these items cost a lot, but they are sure to make your guests' stay more convenient.

Beach Chairs

Leave a couple of inexpensive beach chairs in the home. Most guests won't pack their own chairs since they take up so much space, and sitting in beach chairs is so much more comfortable than sitting on a towel.


Even beach towns get rain now and then. Leave a couple of umbrellas in the closet so that your guests can still go outside and enjoy the beach, even if it's drizzling.


Your guests might find some seashells they want to keep, or they may step in something on the beach and want to sanitize their shoes. A gallon of plain bleach will definitely see some use in your beach house.


Sunscreen is a must-have on the beach, but you'd be surprised how often people forget to pack it! You can leave a bottle or two in the bathroom of the vacation home. Look for a kid-safe one so that parents don't have to go out and look for a second product.


When staying on the beach, people tend to do a lot of showering and changing clothes. They change into their beach gear, then they change out of their beach gear, and they shower several times a day to get rid of sand. It's nice to have a robe to wear as they do so. Leave a few inexpensive robes in the closet, and make sure you launder them between guests.

A Vacuum

Leave a vacuum in the vacation home, and your guests can clean up any sand and debris they accidentally drag in. Not only will your guests enjoy being able to keep the floors cleaner, but you'll enjoy not having to do as much cleanup when their stay is over.


Leave a couple of pairs of cheap flip flops in a closet for guests who forget to pack beach-friendly shoes.


Most people want to stay well-shaved when they're on the beach, so leaving a few disposable razors in the bathroom is nice for anyone who forgets to pack shaving gear.

If you load up your vacation rental with these little niceties, guests will love it — and will typically book with you again and again. Use these tips to prepare your vacation beach house rental for guests, to maximize their comfort and enjoyment.