Why You Should Consider A One Night Stay At A Hotel

10 September 2021
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When you plan for a getaway many people think of staying at their destination for a few days or more to get the most out of the experience. Getaways don't have to be a week or month-long event, however, and you can actually have a great time staying at a hotel in whatever your chosen location is overnight as well. This can be a great way to reconnect as a couple or even celebrate a special event like an anniversary.

Here are some great reasons why you should consider a one-night stay in a hotel.

Early Flight For Business Or Vacation

It might seem odd to stay at a hotel in your hometown before a business trip or even when you leave for a vacation elsewhere, but if you stay at a hotel for one night near an airport, especially before an early flight, you won't have the stress of finishing packing, driving to the airport, and arriving especially early for the flight itself.

Stay at a hotel near the airport you are flying out of can prevent you from getting stuck in morning rush hour traffic and can help you to relax before your flight. You can take advantage of the hotel's amenities like the gym or pool and enjoy your stay before you head out for business or as a great start to your vacation.

The Possibility Of Perks

You might think perks at a hotel are only offered when you book your stay for longer than overnight, but oftentimes you are able to get additional perks if you book for a single night that you might not have gotten otherwise.

For example, it may be possible to get an upgrade on a room to either an ocean or lake facing room or a larger suite. You may also get a complimentary breakfast for two instead of just the fare the hotel may serve in their breakfast room.

If you would like to stay a bit longer at the hotel in your chosen location, some hotels offer late check-outs to those who only stay one night. This means you can enjoy all the amenities the hotel has to offer for longer.

In some cases where you have to pay for the WiFi in your hotel room, if you stay one night an added perks can be free WiFi or even a free movie or game during your stay.